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We can help you if you suffer from any of the following foot conditions!

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Dr. Lodewick has been working with patients with diabetes for over 25 years and I have been working with him for the past 15 years. As diabetics ourselves, we are very aware that foot problems (i.e., sports-related, circulatory or other) related to diabetes have a major impact on diabetics' lifestyles. Serious complications follow If proper preventive care measures are not taken.

Dr. Lodewick is also very concerned about how to prevent these complications and

We feel that following the "Sock Selector" guideline below can help prevent many diabetes-related foot problems.

Here are a few general rules for selecting socks and footwear to help with minimizing serious foot problems.

For Best Results:
Select socks that complement your foot conditions and the activities that you are planning, and make sure that your socks fit comfortably within the interior space of your new or existing footwear. For your outdoor activities, such as for backpacking, hiking, fishing, etc. or anytime that you are wearing boots, please visit www.techspun.com for our selection of boot socks.

It is very important to select your footwear carefully, making sure that they fit properly, providing enough room for all of the toes to be in their natural positions, and allow for toe motion. Also, be sure that you have sufficient space in the toe box area (shoes should be available in the width that is required for a proper fit, and do not purchase shoes that are longer in length to compensate).

If you are buying new footwear, always wear the socks that you have chosen and always shop for your new shoes/boots in the afternoon, because your feet expand as the day progresses. Purchase the footwear that is specifically designed for your sporting activity, i.e. a cross trainer shoe is sufficient for walking and light hiking, but it is not acceptable for heavier load conditions such as hiking, climbing, or camping with a backpack.

Use our "Sock Selector" to find the best sock for your particular needs.
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